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    I thought this was leading to something deep…I wasn’t disappointed.

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    johanna mason literally said “fuck you” to president snow but he’s like “oh shit katniss done made herself a bird”

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  6. #BethIsBack

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  7. "Reality's what other people dream  f o r   y o u ."

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  9. Good News!

    I have good news friends! Another Altered novella coming soon! Here’s the announcement:

    Jennifer Rush’s BETRAYED, set in the world of the Altered saga, following an existing character’s involvement with a rebel group, to Pam Gruber at Little, Brown Children’s, for ebook publication in Fall 2014, by Joanna Volpe at New Leaf Literary & Media (World English).

    This novella will be told from Trev’s POV, and is set between Altered & Erased. It’s already written, so I can say that I’m proud of it, and that I quite enjoy writing Trev.

    More on release and cover soon-ish. I seriously can’t wait for you guys to read Trev’s side of the story.

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    our ends are beginnings

    Face-meltingly awesome.

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